Today's Fitness Question of the Day comes from Chloee in Texas. She asks, "What can I do to make my butt wider?"

That's a very good question Chloee, albeit one that I don't get very often. Most women ask how do I get a bigger butt. I can give an educated guess that you probably have narrow hips.

Depending who you ask, there are anywhere from 3 to 7 different female body types. 



I won't go into details of each body type, but for purposes of this article, you're probably one of the following body types:

  • Inverted Triangle - Defined shoulders, narrow waist, and hips
  • Rectangle - Proportional shoulders, waist, and hips
  • Diamond - Narrow shoulders, big waist, and narrow hips

The width of your hips are largely genetic and beyond your control in terms of physical training. There are a few cases where women's hips do get wider:

  1. During pregnancy, women's hips loosen and get wider to make room for the delivery of a child. This change is do to hormones released during pregnancy
  2. A study conducted by Dr. Laurence E. Dahners at University of North Carolina showed that hip bones can continue to grow in men and women up until their 70s. The pelvic width of the oldest people in the study (ages 70 to 79) was, on average, about an inch larger than the youngest people (ages 20 to 29), according to the study.
  3. Cosmetic surgery

I suspect that you don't want to get pregnant, don't want to wait until you're in your 40s to have your hips get wider, and if you wanted cosmetic surgery, you wouldn't have asked me the question in the first place.

With that said, it sounds like you want the Triangle (narrow shoulders, slim waist, wide hips) look or the Hourglass (Defined shoulders, slim waist, wide hips) look.

There are some things you can do training wise to give the appearance that your have wide hips:

  1. A slim waist - achieved primarily through a proper eating plan and incorporating various abdominal exercises. 
  2. A well defined latissimus dorsi - developing tight lats will give you a v-taper appearance in the back along with a slim waist, will give you a nice waist to hip ratio and the appearance of wider hips.
  3. Chiseled  deltoids (shoulders) - especially rear deltoids complete the tight back look, along with the lats and abdominal, maximizing the appearance of wider hips. If wanting a Triangle look, focus less on the shoulders. 
  4. Continue to maintain a good leg routine - this kind of goes without saying but make sure your leg routine is on point. There's no sense in achieving the "wider hip" look by incorporating the tips above if you neglect your butt exercise and you start to sag!  Particularly good exercises for the butt will include deadlifts, hip thrust, long step forward lunges, forward sled pushes, and sprints.

If you keep those 4 points in mind and incorporate the exercises necessary to achieve that "wider hip" look you desire, I guaranteed you will maximize your potential and achieve that look in no time!


If you or any of my readers out there need some assistance on how to achieve the "wider hip" look or any other body composition goals, we are here to assist you. Contact us today! 


To your health!

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