It's about that time of year again!! Where I give back the fitness love to my SOIL SISTAHS  participating in the Spring 2015 Gritty Goddess Obstacle Run taking place at Moody Gardens in Galveston, TX April 18th!!  First wave begins at 8:30am. 

The Gritty Goddess Obstacle Run is an all women's event (this year's last wave is the co-ed "Couples Therapy" where you can race with your significant other or male companion) that is 5K and consists of 29 different obstacles ranging in difficult from easy to medium to HOLY GRIT!

There's a costume contest, photo booth, food/drink vendors, and more! Plus proceeds go to various charities :)

DOES YOUR TEAM NEED A LITTLE HELP GETTING FIT? APPLY TO WIN A FREE GRITTY GODDESS TRAINING PROGRAM FOR YOUR TEAM FROM YOURS TRULY - the resident "Boot-y Camp" instructor, and owner of DMP Fitness. I am looking for the "LUCKY 4" teams to receive my free training program for the April 18th event. Here's how to apply for this FREE training - E-mails MUST BE RECEIVED BY March 9th!:

1. Write an e-mail telling us why your team needs/wants the complimentary training. Email it to or
2. Be willing to do before and after team photos to show your progress.
3. Write an e-mail at the END of the training program about how your team benefited from the training!

* One 90-minute in person training session for the entire team . Location: TBD by Darryl and your team.
* A detailed strength and cardio program for up to 5 days per week training split based on these goals: Fat loss, Muscle gain, Max Strength, Sports Performance. 
* Food intake and supplement recommendations based on your goals.
* Once-a-week 30 minute phone or video chat consultation with your entire team or 10-15 minutes if done individually.

I'd like to end by showing you a video that my production company: Design & Magic Productions, LLC produced for The Gritty Goddess Obstacle Run last year: 

Also, all Gritty Goddess participants can enjoy 25% off all DMP Fitness' products and services now through race day, April 18, 2015. Promo code: GRITTY415. (Note: be prepare to provide registration number for confirmation)

So hurry up guys and get those emails in. Claire and I looking forward to reading them all!

To your health!

DMP Fitness

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Darryl Perrilloux

Owner/Master Trainer
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