DMP Fitness's FITCart Division is happy to announce its first corporate partnership with Stone Turn Group 

Stone Turn Group is a Partnership

... of experienced accountants, economists, and financial and technology consultants supporting corporate and individual clients and their advisors. Their work ranges from behind-the-scenes advice, to deep financial analysis, to full service dispute resolution support.

Balancing Long Hours with Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Tiffany Lewis, a Lawyer for Stone Turn Group approached us back in March of this year for the opportunity to deliver healthy groceries to their offices on the 49th floor of Shell One Plaza. She expressed to me that the employees at Stone Turn work long hours at times and don't have time to travel down 49 floors to get lunch so they need some healthy snacks easily accessible in their office. 


I told Tiffany, I was happy that you work for a company where its employees understand the value of hard work in their career and also balancing that with a healthy lifestyle. At FITCart, we want our clients to not have to stress over making healthy food choices so they can do the work they have to do during the day. 

At a time when you can have anything and everything delivered, why not groceries?  Our office uses FITCart to keep the break room stocked without the hassle of making trips to the store and lugging things back to the office. FITCart is fast, easy, and convenient.  I’d recommend it to anyone! 

- Tiffany Lewis

After working out all the details, FITCart made its first delivery to Stone Turn Group April 14, 2015, and it's great on going relationship ever since. 

If you ever want to take the guess work out of healthy shopping and/or save time so you can be more productive at work or spend more time with your family, contact us at FITCart today!


To your health!

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